9 thoughts on “Fun with the Prisma App

  1. Absolutely love it. Is there an equivalent on Photoshop?
    (In Photoshop I turn to B&W, totally saturate, beyond solarization, and end up with something of a pencil sketch, but nothing so versatile as that. Compliments)


          • I see that. 🙂 What I need to do with Photoshop is (not run against time fixing pix) dedicate a day or half a day to go through the entire menu. Fact is I was working with a very old version, and (I’m now legal. shhh.) the latest version I get for 10 bucks a month is very different. Just need to sit down and browse. 😉

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          • One thing I did when I got Lightroom which was fun at the time was what I called bracketing. (Old term to learn photography with film) I used a good test photo and messed around with all the settings and used ever pre-set (kids call them filters today) and made a note of ones that I really liked which are my go-to presets. It saved me a lot of time when I knew what I wanted to do with a photo but couldn’t remember the name of the preset. Not sure if that is relevant in photoshop or not. H ent used it in years because I rely on Lightroom.

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