Postcard from Historic Roseville,California 

I recently posted a postcard from Sacramento so I though I would shine some light on the city to the north, Roseville, California.

Roseville has roots in the railroad and the telephone. I mostly drove right past as a kid on the way to Lake Tahoe and ignored it altogether. But, a revitalized old town is a fun draw. Food trucks, Irish bars, tattoo parlors, craft beer, theatre and a few very solid restaurants are bringing life back to downtown Rosy. 

Miserable cup of Joe but A+ ambiance.

Wasn’t expecting too see this flag here…

Love the image on the side of these locomotives

Who wouldn’t want to work remotely from here?!

I’ll be the first to admit that pizza on the west coast can barely be classified as pizza but this place makes a solid effort!

I really enjoy coming here partially because of the ambiance and partially because the crowds tend to gravitate towards the mall and newer areas. It was the perfect place to relax for a quick afternoon stroll with Mr.Baby.

13 thoughts on “Postcard from Historic Roseville,California 

    • It was fun. I wonder if it will ever be busier? It’s in the heart of a very busy and populous city yet it remains pretty quiet. Seems the perfect place for some good restaurants or shops or something. Thanks for the comment.


  1. Great photos, especially the first and third ones. The vibrancy of the colors in the sky and the building frame a hint to a quiet history beyond the bar sign. As far as the B&W—you nailed my nostalgic trip to the barbershop as a kid. Thanks.

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