Bottlebrush buds bursting

We used to have one of these bushes in my yard growing up and I have one in my current house. They never cease to fascinate me these buds. Mother Nature must get bored occasionally and think, “what kind of crazy thing can I come up with now?” Check out the individual buds on this tree! It is amazingly prolific and the bees and hummingbirds flock to it without fail. I love this tree and felt I must share it’s awesomeness with you flower fans fore it is bursting before my eyes!

12 thoughts on “Bottlebrush buds bursting

  1. You are making me learn a new perspective. Pay closer attention to flowers. (Though we are blessed with a few.) Particularly photo-wise. How to focus on the flower and the background fade away… I’ll keep that in mind.
    Thanks Jenny

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