Odd Colossal Auburn Statuary

Auburn is another fine Gold Country town near Sacramento, California.  Auburn is known for its mining and mandarins.  But, for those looking for something random and unusual look no farther than Dr. Fox’s Colossal Statues.

One giant Gold Miner can be seen from the freeway welcoming visitors and passersby.  This gold minor embodies the Gold Rush and is the unofficial mascot of the town.

Stranger and slightly more controversial are the naked Amazonian women and their friend in bondage who sit and protect a local auto mechanic’s shop.

I remember driving by these tall muses on my way to a yoga class one day and nearly drove off the road.  One just doesn’t expect to see something like this in the middle of an old fashioned gold country town.  And from what I understand they were quite controversial at one time.

13 thoughts on “Odd Colossal Auburn Statuary

  1. A very interesting post. I like the texture of the sculptures. Quite a different style.
    Now controversial? Naked bodies? Well, there always were and will be people who balk at that.
    The important thing that remains is the art. Thx for sharing.
    (I don’t know why I seem to have missed this post. Yours get to my e-mail (along with a handful of others), coz I can’t keep up with the reader…
    Have a lovely week.

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    • It’s like you have surprise posts from me from time to time. Maybe WordPress sends emails inconsistently. I’m glad you like the post. The statutes are certainly not the most beautiful or perfect but they are INTERESTING. They are also quite large. I wouldn’t park my car under them in a windstorm that’s for sure.

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