Old Town Auburn Doors

Happy Thursday everyone.  Meet the doors of Old Town Auburn, California.  Auburn is another great city which has its roots in the Gold Rush.  It has changed a lot over the years and is growing regularly.  It is known for its vibrant Old Town, its mandarins, and its wine believe it or not.  I took some inspiration from Norm 2.0 and snapped some colorful photos of its doors for you.


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23 thoughts on “Old Town Auburn Doors

  1. Very good “impressions”. Thank you. I find that some photos are impressions left on the photographer’s eye. So, by looking through the photo, you see what was in the author’s eye for a second. 🙂
    Now I know why I hadn’t seen these posts, I was just packing and leaving Paris…
    Glad I just saw them
    B. Good

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    • I can’t imagine why you would be busy and distracted readying yourself for Paris!? 😉 No worries. Glad you enjoyed.

      I’ve always had fun photographing the same thing or area with other photographers because it is fun to see different perspectives of the same thing. Even something simple can be captured in a wildly different way.

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      • You are right. The Eiffel tower is a good example. I don’t particularly like it, but is part of Paris. This year I have two different angles to shoot it.
        I need to get together with photographers to compare notes. (And go to a few expos. Loved Willy Ronis, I will post more of him)

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        • I love the Tower. It is iconic and colorful. I just hate all of the crowds. I want it all to myself!! What would Paris be without? It would be San Francisco without the Golden Gate. Or New York without the Statue of Liberty (not counting its sister in Paris of course.) What don’t you like about it? I just looked again and saw that I didn’t post some pretty interesting photos I took of the Tower from 2010. They are of the same generation as the photo which appears at the top of my blog. I’ll have to post some more of those one day…

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  2. I watched this town change a lot from my first visits in the 60s when I was a student at Sierra College dating my first wife! I ended the first Sierra Trek that I am posting about now in the town in 1974. My last visit was when I took a break in my hike down the PCT two years ago for something other than freeze dried food. 🙂 –Curt

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