Roseville Telephone Museum

The Roseville Telephone Museum located in old town Roseville is a great little stop  which requires some planning.  The free museum is only open one day per month!  That’s right one day per month on the first Saturday.  I finally timed it right and took my young son along with a healthy anxiety assuming I would have to keep him from touching everything!  To my surprise the docents there, it seems all of whom have children and grand children, were enthusiastic in encouraging my son’s tactile exploration.  They even guided him over to some actual working telephones so he could “call Mommy” on the old timey phone and sit in the phone booth.

The museum has a wonderful collection of equipment which was actually used by Roseville Telephone company in early days and a large amount of equipment which was donated to them by other telecommunications lovers who wanted their items protected  and shared.

The docents were fantastic in their brief but thorough explanations keeping both me and my little guy occupied and interested.  I think the greatest evidence of this is that my son now points to every old telephone he sees and says “Phone! Talk.”  This is pretty great considering most kids born after 1995 don’t know what a phone looks like other than a cell phone.

Ever wonder what was under that manhole?  Anyone have any of the phones pictured here?  We certainly had a mickey mouse phone!  Anyone remember calling the operator to make some phone calls!?

I couldn’t help but edit some of these photos in to black and white…enjoy.

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California Museum, Sacramento

Sacramento hosts the California Museum which boasts the California Hall of Fame and other interesting exhibits highlighting some of that which makes California extraordinary.

The museum has something for everyone with information about famous Californians, famous female Californians, exhibits about the Japanese internment camps, California missions, public health, unity and diversity in the state, and a special exhibit of Sus Ito’s sympathetic and personal World War II photos taken for his mother to assure her of his safety.

Highlights for me were reading about some of our famous actors, reading about personal stories from the Japanese internment camps, the gorgeous mural above the California mission exhibit, and Ito’s interesting war photos depicting the boredom and reality of war life.

Governor’s Mansion, Sacramento

We have a new Sacramento resident in our state Governor’s Mansion. This beautiful building had been vacant prior to Governor Jerry Brown moving in around 2015 for as long as I can remember operating as a California State park and open to the public. It’s been vacant since the Reagan era per good ol’ Wikipedia.  Our new Governor, Gavin Newsom, has chosen to move in with his family as is his prerogative as head of state. Although it is unclear to me if they have moved out already and in to a newly purchased home in the Fair Oaks suburbs.  Regardless and to be fair, I believe they have been renovating it since Arnold was in office, so it’s is probably much more habitable than in earlier terms. It’s a fantastically beautiful house one which will surely be a delight to entertain in both privately and publicly. I won’t be able to share interior photos until it’s open to the public again…sorry about that.  And just to make it clear in case you were wondering, if I were Governor I would move in to this house immediately.  I mean look at it!

On another note the beautiful pink tulip tree tells me spring is around the corner!