California Museum, Sacramento

Sacramento hosts the California Museum which boasts the California Hall of Fame and other interesting exhibits highlighting some of that which makes California extraordinary.

The museum has something for everyone with information about famous Californians, famous female Californians, exhibits about the Japanese internment camps, California missions, public health, unity and diversity in the state, and a special exhibit of Sus Ito’s sympathetic and personal World War II photos taken for his mother to assure her of his safety.

Highlights for me were reading about some of our famous actors, reading about personal stories from the Japanese internment camps, the gorgeous mural above the California mission exhibit, and Ito’s interesting war photos depicting the boredom and reality of war life.

5 thoughts on “California Museum, Sacramento

  1. Great photos, informative captions, great museum. Actors: IF ONLY I could be paid to pretend. It’s not in my DNA. Julia Child: M’lady and I love her because she once said, to paraphrase, ‘if I saw cilantro on the floor, I would step on it!’. We are anti-cilantro, m’lady because of a physiological aversion, me because it’s just too citric. American-Asians in WWII: Do you know if they were in segregated units, similar to black GIs at the time? Lest we forget.

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    • I have no idea but the same thought crossed my mind when I saw those photos.

      I’ve been meaning to go to this museum for a while. Truth be told it was a very short visit though because it didn’t take long to walk through and I wasn’t particularly interested in the political activism display…

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