Governor’s Mansion, Sacramento

We have a new Sacramento resident in our state Governor’s Mansion. This beautiful building had been vacant prior to Governor Jerry Brown moving in around 2015 for as long as I can remember operating as a California State park and open to the public. It’s been vacant since the Reagan era per good ol’ Wikipedia.  Our new Governor, Gavin Newsom, has chosen to move in with his family as is his prerogative as head of state. Although it is unclear to me if they have moved out already and in to a newly purchased home in the Fair Oaks suburbs.  Regardless and to be fair, I believe they have been renovating it since Arnold was in office, so it’s is probably much more habitable than in earlier terms. It’s a fantastically beautiful house one which will surely be a delight to entertain in both privately and publicly. I won’t be able to share interior photos until it’s open to the public again…sorry about that.  And just to make it clear in case you were wondering, if I were Governor I would move in to this house immediately.  I mean look at it!

On another note the beautiful pink tulip tree tells me spring is around the corner!

16 thoughts on “Governor’s Mansion, Sacramento

  1. Great pictures! It’s too bad the new governor and his family won’t be living there. The mansion is supposedly haunted, as all old homes are supposed to be right? (

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