18 thoughts on “#SPRING

      • You did teach him sign language right? We tried to avoid that with baby G. It took him forever to start speaking, too busy making signs. Also he understands French perfectly (I only or almost only speak French to him) so that slows them a bit, handling two languages.

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        • I taught him some yes and he loved it. It did prevent him from saying a few things initially but for the most part he was anxious to speak. He is speaking ALOT right now which is so fun. I ultimately am glad I taught him because it helped him with frustrations early on. He was able to ask for food, more, water, and identify the dog and us and so on.

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          • Man is definitely a communicating “animal”. Little G. is now in the “what is this” (¿Qué es eso?) phase. And the “Why” phase too. ¿Por qué? Sometimes I answer him: why do little boys ask why? 😉

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