California Automobile Museum – Micro Cars

The California Auto Museum, in downtown Sacramento, is boasting its Micro Car exhibit for the first time in seven years with what looks like double the micro cars on display!  They were even hosting a clever Micro Cars and Micro Brews event the evening we visited.  The museum underwent a refresh a few years back and I am happy to see it is alive and well.

The museum typically has a roaming exhibit (Micro Cars in this case), a race car exhibit, muscle car area, historical vehicles, and an area with cars on consignment (to help fund the museum itself and to hopefully fund some heat/air conditioning.)

It is also fun to see the addition of an area for children with several auto related activities which was a bonus for my little boy. Zoom. Zoom.

13 thoughts on “California Automobile Museum – Micro Cars

  1. Your little one is very cute. I’m sure that he enjoyed the car exhibit. When one of my baby cousins was around two or three he had a fascination with Thomas the Tank Engine. When my Dad was alive he went to the New York City car show every year.

    Here’s a mini police car and Yes right after I took the photo two tall young strapping police officers got into this car. I wonder if they were comfortable. Fortunately the NYPD mostly has normal size police vehicles.

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  2. Wonderful. The Transformer is one of my favourites.
    Now for you guys, ca, fans as you are, this must have been a treat.
    And I like the fact that the little guy (Unnoticed) is being trained for museums. πŸ˜‰

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