Tacos on the Beach

I will let you in on a secret.  This is not my first visit here.  Many years ago a friend asked me to drive her and her family to the ocean which I was happy to oblige.  I left it up to her to pick the beach.  She said to me sheepishly, “Well, I heard there was a Taco Bell on the beach, we kind of have to try that, right?” Hey whatev.  I am game.  how bad could it be?

Well, this Pacifica Taco Bell certainly has the best Taco Bell location anywhere.  The beach is spectacular any day of the week.  And as far as Taco Bells go it’s pretty fun.  *Note the fireplace with picture window out to the waves.

After a recent visit to the San Francisco Zoo I found myself with a napping toddler in the car so we drove South and landed here in Pacifica to play on the beach a little bit.  I couldn’t resist posting about the Beachside Taco bell, sandy floors and all.

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