Wide Open Walls 916 – Sacramento larger than life

Whenever something brings me downtown it’s always fun to try and find some new murals. After a few years of the festival murals are everywhere ripe for the picking. Murals wrap every side of this building making it far more interesting than it likely was before! Do you have any good street art where you are?

Wanna see the front door?  Check out my Thursday Door post!

13 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – Sacramento larger than life

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  2. Creepy! 🙂 But maybe it goes with the times now. Ate at the Fox and Goose this morning, one of my favorite restaurants of yore and wondered if it would still be open later in the week. I was in town from Oregon for our book club. –Curt

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  3. Lovely. Thank you Jenny. Fortunately, street art can still provide a diversion…
    Personally, I plan to enjoy the lockdown. Bought a slide digital adapter to digitalize many slides I bought back from France and just ordered a machine to do the same with my mother’s 8 and super movies… 🙂
    What do you have in mind?

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