Fort Bragg Glass Beach

Located in downtown Fort Bragg, this beach used to be the historic garbage dump. Years of crashing waves has taken away the trash and left behind tiny soft round glass pieces colorfully glistening on the beach.

I’m conflicted about Glass Beach. It’s a cool place to visit but now officials have understandably cordoned off the beach and no longer allow people to take any glass so it’s really no fun any more.

It’s a great irony. Trash turned to treasure. So as cool and interesting a spot as it is one can no longer experience it in a meaningful way so I would recommend just passing on it when in town.  Instead take a walk on the wonderful trail which goes for miles and miles paralleling the ocean and just enjoy the view!

***On another note: I hope everyone is hanging in there during this time of isolation and uncertainty.  These photos were taken from a recent trip prior to the California-wide shelter-in-place restrictions.  I hope in sharing them I can help make you smile for even a moment.  Take good care everyone.

8 thoughts on “Fort Bragg Glass Beach

  1. When I visited Glass beach in 2016 there was a small cove which had abundance of glass pebbles; it was so beautiful. But then we saw people taking bags of glass from other sections. I won’t be surprised if the glass beach has no more glass pieces left… 😣
    hope you and your family are safe and fine.

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