Upper Lake, California

Upper Lake, California is a lovely respite from the rest of the Clear Lake area. If you are ever passing through skip everything in Clear Lake and visit this cute little hidden gem. Great food, nice shop keepers, and an interesting historic feel.  It seems this little area is only getting more and more rejuvenated every time we pass through.  It seems a perfect place to spend some time with a camera!

***On another note: I hope everyone is hanging in there during this time of isolation and uncertainty.  These photos were taken from a recent trip prior to the shelter-in-place restrictions.  I hope in sharing them I can help make you smile for even a moment.  Take good care everyone.

13 thoughts on “Upper Lake, California

  1. I like the State Campground on the south side of the lake as well, a very pretty place. I particularly remember a small pond filled with mud turtles. Every floating log had its contingent. And thanks for the photos from Upper Lake. They do help! 🙂 –Curt

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  2. Love these old houses. 🏠 🏘 🏡
    I was wondering the other day how “travel blogs” will evolve in days of lock-up. 🙂
    I guess you and I (and others) will draw on archives. So we can all travel virtually.
    (Preparing an Italian post these days)
    Stay safe

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