Folsom Lake Quarantine Lupine Walk

Do we stay in or do we go out?  Quarantine has been lifted but COVID is on the rise.  I realize I never posted Lupine photos from a little walk we took on Folsom Lake from a few months ago.  The Lupines were a sure sign of spring growing out of the cold snow run off.  Butterflies were frolicking like all of us were desperate to do.  We all just wanted to get out of the house and back to work, back to “normal.”  Now, looking back, we are free again but the numbers are on the rise and people are angry and the economy is suffering and people are confused.  We are fearful we will get put on lock down again.  Numbers are worse than they were when we were locked down but yet I am back to work surrounded by an unseen virus worried I will share it with my family.  Just going to the grocery store is aggravating. None of it makes sense.

But, the beautiful Lupines bring some peace and it is easy to realize how important nature and the arts can be.

I hope this post finds all of you healthy and happy and safe.  Peace.

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