Social Distancing in Plymouth, California

A while back I did a series of multiple posts I called Gold Country Drives which took us to various spots in Northern California’s beautiful Gold Country.  (Check it out again if you are so inclined.)  For our birthdays every year my photography friend Diana and I always get together and go somewhere to take photos (and usually eat some yummy food).  Typically we go to Napa or the Bay area or the Coast or somewhere with lots of flowers to enjoy a beautiful day together.  This year, with COVID, everything is frankly just weird.  So, we decided to do a social distancing photo shoot in the Plymouth/Amador County area.  Our first stop was downtown Plymouth where a few interesting doors presented themselves.  It was mandatory I post them for Norm 2.0’s weekly post since I haven’t been out much in months.  I went back and forth on if these photos should be black and white or not.  I landed on color because the red and the blue/green and yellow is just too interesting.

Enjoy friends.  More flowers and wineries to follow from this day of fresh air and space.  Happy Thursday Doors.

Be well everyone.

16 thoughts on “Social Distancing in Plymouth, California

  1. Hi Jenny, it’s been a while. 🙂 I’m so glad I stopped by today because I think these doors are great. I especially love the paint and rust on the iron ring. And look at that place: red brick, green door, yellow shutters. So cool. I also think your birthday tradition is wonderful. Yours or her birthday, or are they near the same date?

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    • Hi. Wonderful to hear from you. I think about you often because I see your post. Just don’t always comment because work and life has been crazy and busy. We are great. Hope you and your daughter are well during these weird time.

      I love the door color combo too. Strange and pretty next to the brick.

      Our bdays aren’t near each other so it usually means two trips per year! Hers is in the spring which is usually even better for photos. But we always find something wonderful to photograph.

      Take care. And thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Excellent shots. These days any excuse to get out and explore, safely of course, is a welcome distraction from all of the crazy – good for you.
    Because of the textures I’m sure these all looked great in B&W as well. I can imagine it wasn’t easy to decide which way to go 🙂

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