Wide Open Walls 916 – Impressionism

This art wall reminds me of some of the Impressionism I have been fortunate enough to see in museums throughout the world.  I wonder what the great artists would think of all of this temporary “graffiti art” on walls and buildings?  I would like to think they would be right up there with scaffolding doing it themselves.  What do you think?

For more Wide Open Walls 916 click here and tell me what speaks to you!

15 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – Impressionism

  1. Oh. That is the continuation of another photo, the rainbow, right?
    I agree, they would be up on the scaffolding.
    In the same line of thought, I l always wonder what Mozart and Beethoven would say if they came back and heard the Beatles…

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  2. I am crazy about the colours of the sky here. I want to fall into this painting. I like how you point out the temporary nature of graffiti. I’ve seen graffiti artists paint over their own stuff after a couple weeks. It is a way of thinking about art that I had to learn to appreciate. The creation is a big part of it. Being seen is a big part of it. But hanging around forever doesn’t have to be important. I still think it’s hilarious that Banksy sold a painting that shredded itself the moment it was unveiled. ha ha. I researched QiGong for a college paper and learned that some calligraphy artists created their work on dry concrete with only water for ink, to remind them to engage in the process, not the final product, because it would just evaporate. It’s still a hard concept for me.

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