Wide Open Walls 916 – Social Distancing Edition

Sacramento continues to encourage and promote it’s Wide Open Walls art festival.  This colorful wall spoke to me as I am always partial to rainbows and color flows like this.  Funny enough this was shot as only part of the wall.  I preferred this simplicity to the other part of the wall which had the actual substance to it.  Art can speak to us in many ways.  

Check out other Wide Open Walls 916 murals I have captured here and tell me your favorites!

8 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – Social Distancing Edition

      • Haha! I’m fine with most colours. Blues, red, yellows… My only problem is I cannot really differentiate some greens from some browns. They look alike to me. Unless I put a very strong light, and even then not always. Which led me to the conclusion that colours are conventions. The “red” you see is different from the “red” I see, or Colin, or Eric. It is based on the number of cone in our eyes…

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