Wide Open Walls 916 – Snakes

“Snakes!  Why’d it have to be snakes?”  These massive snakes are down at the bottom of an alleyway.  As great as the art is it makes walking down the dark smelly alleyway a little more intimidating than normal.  I’ve been meaning to capture this one for a while now but traffic never allowed for it until now.  I snapped this and got the heck out of there!  For more less scary walls click here and tell me your favorites.

10 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – Snakes

      • Lots of people don’t like snakes… I was trained in Africa, so I’m all right. Having said that, there are a few “bad” snakes in America… Glad you took your parents out. Are they keeping little C. a day a week as they used to?

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        • They have him one day per week which makes me nervous but it is good for both of them and good for him too.

          We found a really large rattle snake on the cabin property this year. First time in ten years. It was not a welcome visitor with kids running around wild…it gave my 14 year old nephew a scare…

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