Wide Open Walls 916 – Eye of the Tiger

My friends, here is an example of when you just cannot get the photo you want. Short of the Incredible Hulk coming over and removing this car it’s the best I could do. Hopefully you can appreciate that the car at least gives you an idea to scale. 😉

I LOVE this mural. It is stunning. I would love to park here every day for work. What an amazing way to freshen up what was likely a boring and blank wall previously. The artist did a wonderful job capturing emotion from this Tiger. Wide Open Walls 916 you continue to amaze me!

For other murals from the festival please click here and let me know your favorites!

14 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – Eye of the Tiger

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  3. The challenge of photographing murals – the more creative the artist is with the use of space, the tougher it is on the photographer! I like seeing them in situ as it gives a sense of the space …

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