Any day in Lake Tahoe is a good day

Every now and then I have the opportunity to visit Lake Tahoe for work. Today was a clear and glorious traffic-free day. I had never seen this large carved bear before so dear readers I stopped and snapped a photo for you. I can only imagine how big the original tree must have been.

Rough day in the office for sure… 😉

For more on Lake Tahoe click here!

14 thoughts on “Any day in Lake Tahoe is a good day

  1. Saw your like- thanks! Sorry about the rough office day – what kind of work do you do? (only if you don’t mind revealing it here). When I read Tahoe, I smiled, because this is the “feud”I have with my son-in-law. He realy realy likes Tahoe, tells me all the things that are “better” than Yosemite, but I prefer Yosemite, probably because of all the painting places that are there, and the huge mountain:).

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  2. Thanks for stopping for us!! Isn’t it funny how we bloggers do that? My readers are at least half the inspiration for my photos, and I’m always trying to think of the best framing to show my readers what I saw. Tahoe is so beautiful. I haven’t been there for years. Used to live in Nevada, and periodically went over there for fun.

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