Tomales Point Trail Dairy – Pierce Point

As a follow up to my Tomales Point Trail – End of the Earth | Bulldog Travels post I wanted to share photos of the initial part of the hike called Pierce Point Dairy. Much of the area is or was historic dairy land. I must admit I am jealous of the view the cows in the area get for sure. Historic dairies dot the park in both Tomales Bay State Park and Point Reyes National Sea Shore including this old dairy where the buildings have been maintained or restored. It’s a fun spot to start the hike and a welcome vision on the return trip. While there are cows all over the park and the national seashore there were none present at this dairy likely having something to do with the Elk Preserve. But it didn’t stop me from enjoying the rustic buildings. #HAPPYCOWS

17 thoughts on “Tomales Point Trail Dairy – Pierce Point

  1. Pt. Reyes was my go to place for years when I needed an escape from Sacramento, especially during the winter when I couldn’t escape to the Sierras. Many a time, I’ve put on a day pack at the Dairy farm and headed out toward the point. –Curt

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  2. Great door captures! Is this in California? Maybe you remember I used to live in CA, but this last summer we moved to Texas. I miss the California trees! (used to live in the forest, on the way to Lake Tahoe). Jesh

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    • We lived on the 88.
      Its’ a complicated answer whether I like Texas. In the 70ties I went to college and got a BA, (close to Dallas) All I remember from that time were that the people were very generous in giving stuff to us, and were hospitable. The people have not changed, but the circumstances were so different now – we moved i the midst of Covid, had to distance ourselves from people and I was not in the mood for adventure, because the humidity and mosquitoes were a MAJOR adjustment. Also we had to wait a month before our stuff arrived. Finally after Christmas I started feeling that the house we’re living in is my house (because of all the repair hubby encountered)/.

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  3. I love the large barn doors on that first barn. These are great photos, and I share your thoughts about seeing a dairy farm. We buy most of our dairy products from a local farm – much smaller than this operation – It’s fun to visit and the products are so much better than what makes it to the store.

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