Tomales Bay State Park – Heart’s Desire Beach

While headed to Tomales Point Trail I saw a sign and a dot on the map for “Heart’s Desire Beach.” Well friends, the gimmick worked. I had to check it out and boy am I glad I did. This beach is on the Tomales Bay side of the peninsula not the ocean side so the waters were calm and quiet and serene. The cove was lovely and the stair stepped walk to the picnic overlook was stunning. I came for the ocean waves and was pleasantly surprised by this lovely little beach. I can’t wait to take my son to play here away from the dangers of the breaking waves and the shifting tides. As I was leaving people were dropping in their paddle boards to check out the quiet coast…

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17 thoughts on “Tomales Bay State Park – Heart’s Desire Beach

          • I thought Emile Gsell Emile Gsell was the first (French) photographer of Angkor. He was part of Doudart de Lagrée’s expedition in the summer of 1866. But no!!! John Thomson was there first in January 1866! Darn English beat us to the finish line again. 🤣
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            (Of course the Cambodians had know about the ruins all the time but that is another story…)

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