Kehoe Beach, Point Reyes

The weather did one of those things it does in the winter that is nothing short of miraculous. It was 74 degrees (23 degrees Celsius or so) in January on the coast of California. So I did what it seems every single other person in the Bay area did and hit the beach. Because I am obsessed with Point Reyes National Seashore right now I visited a beach I had never been to and wasn’t disappointed, Kehoe Beach. It’s a bit of a drive on a rough road to get there. A good parking lot connects to a trail where one walks on a well maintained trail for over a mile to be rewarded with crashing waves and an estuary next to a great set of sand dunes. (All make for safe and fun play for my little one.) I know this might seen ironic to some of my friends who aren’t from around here but many, if not most, of the beaches in this area are not safe to get in the water. The undertows are so strong it will suck you out and you will never be seen again…We played in the sand and water from the estuary for hours. My son asked if we could move our house to the beach so I think it was a successful day.

On the way home we made a quick drive to Drake’s Beach in order to see the lounging Elephant Seals. What a lovely reminder of how massive and amazing these creatures are.

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9 thoughts on “Kehoe Beach, Point Reyes

  1. Hard to beat a rave review like, “Mom can we move our house here?” Of all the times I’ve been to Pt. Reyes, Jenny, I can only remember hiking to Kehoe Beach once. And I don’t really remember it like so many of the places that I visited over and over. Speaking of which, does Pt. Reyes Station still have that wonderful little bakery with the excellent small bookstore next to it? –Curt

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    • The bakery is standing room only literally because of the Covid. I haven’t noticed a book store but I was probably too busy sticking my neck out the window at the baked goods so I’m not sure. I’ll look next time I stop by.

      It was a really great beach. I would go again for sure. It’s just quite a long drive with a little one so we will see…

      Thanks for the comments and visits.


      • I remember a buttermilk scone to die for there, Jenny. I’d always make a point of stopping and stocking up on them before I went camping. 🙂 I checked on line and the book store is still there. It has a very unique name: Pt. Reyes Book Store. (Grin) It is definitely worth the stop. And I remember from Nevada City, you like small town bookstores…
        My trips to Pt. Reyes were always a week long so I could justify the trip over and back! –Curt

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