Lake Clementine

A quarantine hike is/was good for the soul. This time of year the trails down by the American River and the Foresthill bridge aren’t so overrun with crowds. The cool weather is refreshing and walking under the bridge is exhilarating. I’ll admit I had never actually seen the Lake Clementine damn, not sure how that is possible but CHECK it’s done now. I decided to go further and see where the lakeside trail went. I was rewarded with a peaceful and serine lake with a few boaters and paddleboarders who gave me some entertainment. I saw and enjoyed this view for a very long time. The trail was not at all maintained and at times I had to scramble so keep that in mind should you find yourself exploring.

21 thoughts on “Lake Clementine

  1. Lake Clementine, now there’s a place that takes me way back. The first (and one of the very few times) I ever went water skiing was on the lake. My Episcopal minister’s sons, a couple of girls and I made a great day out of it. 🙂 –Curt

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          • I am sure there is a lot more than I dealt with in the early 60s. 🙂 Peggy and I almost bought a house near Georgetown (we made an offer) when she was a principal at Dry Creek Elementary School in Roseville. She would have been making that commute on a daily basis.

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          • Yes it would. I’ve always liked the area, however.
            BTW, Jenny, you’ve inspired me. I’ve decided to hang out at Pt. Reyes for a week to celebrate my birthday. We will be staying at the RV campground in Olema, a place I have been staying since the 70s. And doing lots of hiking. –Curt

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          • That’s so wonderful. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I just went agin last weekend and took the boy to play on the beach and to see the elephant seals. I’d love your opinion on some good trails after you go. There are so many I’m never sure which ones to try first.


          • As you might imagine, Jenny, it was a wonderful trip. How could it not be! 🙂 We took several beautiful hikes and I will do posts on them. Last year’s fire damage closed some of the trails I’ve always enjoyed, however. We took full advantage of the Bovine Bakery (translate coming home a couple of pounds heavier), discovered a great cheese sandwich at the Cowgirl Creamery, and loaded up on books at the Pt. Reys bookstore. Remember how good I told you I thought the book store was. It was better. I’m doing a post on Friday featuring the elephant seals. They are such magnificent creatures. I’ll bet you son loved them. –Curt

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          • Oh I cannot wait to hear about all of this. The first time I visited the seals there was an absolutely massive one that was easily three times bigger than the others. It was just amazing.

            I need to make it a point to stop in town and visit those places. I’m always in a hurry to hit the beach and I’m always tired on the way home…

            I wish you a happy belated bday. And I’m so happy to have been a tiny inspiration for your visit. 🙂


          • More than a little inspiration, Jenny. 🙂 I hadn’t been back since we moved to Oregon. Your visits reminded me of how much I enjoy the area. Having a week plus a few days for driving made it perfect…. –Curt

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          • Couldn’t have asked for better weather, Jenny. It rained cats and dogs the last night we were there and cleared up for the drive home. I put together my Friday post on elephant seals today. They are such magnificent creatures!

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          • That’s awesome. Yah the weather has been terrible last few days so couldn’t have planned it better. I look forward to your post. They are the most amazing and crazy looking things.


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