North Table Mountain Spring Flowers

Instagram introduced me to a local phenomenon I had never heard of, Table Mountain near Oroville, California. Table Mountain is an interesting geological feature in and of itself. There are even tall waterfalls for goodness sake! Who knew? Well, throw a blanket of wildflowers all over it and I am game for a road trip. The lack of a trail made it a little confusing and the wind got tiresome after a few hours. But, there is no denying Mother Nature was showing off her Spring Powers here today and I was fortunate to have experienced it. I met some lovely people on the trail which made for a nice morning trip with my camera. Sending you spring sunshine from Northern California.

12 thoughts on “North Table Mountain Spring Flowers

  1. Beautiful spring photos, Jenny. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many poppies. But I couldn’t tell what the blue flowers were? Our poppies and irises are now in full bloom. And our pioneer rose is bursting with yellow. Got to love spring! Thanks for the lovely photos. –Curt

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    • Not sure what the blue flowers were either. They were small. Not the lupine that’s going nuts around here right now. A carpet of small yellow white and blue flowers and then poppies in spots. It was a neat spot to visit, one I had never even heard of. And the large long waterfalls that belong in Hawaii were pretty neat. I didn’t expect water but they were both running. *It was about a month ago when I was actually there.


      • It was quite beautiful! I had expected lupine as the blue flowers. Ours around here are just starting to bloom. The poppies in our yard are out in full force now and will continue to bloom into September.
        Funny story: I put up our trail camera yesterday to see if we could figure out how deer were getting into our shrub garden. I caught a fox on it last night, exploring our back porch, but no deer. This morning we watched a deer walk up and lick its lens! Sadly, it was too close to catch the action. Right after that, however, we watched the deer go over and crawl under our fence. 🙂 –Curt

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  2. Nice contrasts and flowers. Must be a pleasant hike. Reminded me that in France in the mountains, it is forbidden to pick up wild flowers. So many people hike that if all picked a flower, there would soon be none. There are in particular miniature carnations about the size of a thumb nail. So pretty.

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