Bodega Bay’s Kortum Trail

My husband and I and friends have been camping in Bodega Bay for years and years. We typically camp on the beach in the Sonoma Coast State Parks which is pretty darn glorious. During many of those trips we hiked portions of the Kortum trail which parallels the coast for approximately 5 miles round trip. The mild and maintained trail connects Wright’s Beach all the way to Blind Beach.

Since baby made his arrival in my life two years ago we haven’t been back to the beach or the trail. So finally my Mom and son and I spent the weekend visiting the area and I took the opportunity here to show you some views from the trail. One can see magnificent views of the ocean, beautiful rock outcroppings, lovely wild flowers, seals, birds, rabbits, and sunsets. iPhone photos but hopefully I get the point across.

It frankly does not get much better than this friends.


Salmon Creek Art Walk, Bodega Bay

While visiting Bodega Bay recently we stayed on Salmon Creek.  The tiny community hosted the Salmon Creek Art walk in part due to a large number of resident artists and secondly due to the sheer beauty of the area and its relationship in general to art.  While baby and my Mom were napping I snuck away and visited a few of the art walk locations and have posted a few of the more “interesting” finds.  A surprising number of people walked up and down the hills looking for the various locations and enjoying the architecture and landscape.  I particularly enjoyed getting perspective in to the interior of some of these adorable and eclectic beach homes.


Fisherman’s Fest – Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Fest occurred recently in coastal Bodega Bay, California.  The festival was a fun little stop while in town with my mother and son.  There was something for everyone.  The fest started with a blessing of the fleet, crafts, and tons of seafood.  There were bounce houses, dog parades, and tide pools for the tots.  The festival even boasted a contest for groups to build and navigate a wooden boat in only a few hours.  Naturally the coast guard is on hand for anyone who sunk!  Sadly naptime conflicted with timing so we didn’t get to enjoy watching all of the sailors compete in their handmade boats or go for a very cool swim when they failed.  However, we were able to watch a coast guard rescue demonstration with divers in the ocean and a helicopter adeptly plucking people and dropping them to safety.

Travel Fails

When it’s right, it’s right.  But, boy when it’s wrong it’s way wrong.  Have you ever had a travel fail?

I had a terrible sinus infection kick in on my last day in Spain once.  I was unable to take any medication unfortunately and didn’t really have any access to any anyway.  By the time I got on the airplane to fly home I was in a terrible amount of pain.  It was the most miserable flight I have ever been on.  Through a wonderful bout of fate our connecting flight in Washington DC was cancelled and we were forced to spend the night in DC!  This allowed me to get out of the airplane and sleep!  I had never been so happy to have a flight cancelled before.

In other travel fail related news, my husband fell and broke both of his ankles in a climbing accident a few years back while camping together on the coast.  One helicopter ride to an ambulance later we were at the hospital picking up a wheelchair and two casts.  The dog and I drove him home laying in the back seat of our jeep where we were promptly forced to take the doors off the hinges of most of the rooms in our house.  Ankle surgery followed and I am happy to report he is doing fine and has no ill effects.  And, yes, we are still happily married after all of that!


Have you had any epic travel fails you care to share?  They are always so much more fun to share and laugh about later…

Something new, Something old?

Last weekend I went to Wright’s Beach in Bodega Bay camping again.  My husband and I and Amelia, the bulldog, go there as often as we can primarily in winter since it’s too cold to camp anywhere else.  We had a primo site with a full 100% view of the glorious beach and ocean.  The weather was clear and probably 72 degrees.  Camping really does not get any better than Wright’s Beach.  It seriously doesn’t.  While sitting together staring out at the ocean in a very contented state I posed the following question, “Are we missing out by coming here all the time and not trying somewhere new?”

I pose that question to you.  Do you love to return to the same places over and over again because you love them and they hold sentimental value to you?  Or do you return to them because they are convenient?  Or perhaps you return to them as we did last weekend because we have found a gold mine of a camp site knowing other places will pale in comparison?  Or perhaps you like to try something new every time for the excitement?

Tell me your thoughts on returning to the beloved spots versus branching out and trying something new each time!



Winter Camping on the Beach in California

I have likely mentioned in previous posts how glorious living in California can be, politics, traffic, and just general weirdness aside. One reason California is awesome is that it affords us the opportunity to winter camp on the beach. Those outside of California will probably visualize me with braids in my hair and a flower crown. The reality was I was in rain boots, a Northface beanie, long underwear, and a rainproof jacket pretty much 100% of the time. Choose the visual you would prefer friends.

We tried something new this year and went to Doran Beach in Bodega Bay for crab season. Normally we camp at Wright’s Beach but we decided to shake it up a bit. Doran was delightful with a flat, dry, and convenient camp area. The ocean is on one side of the camp site and Bodega Bay is on the other. The ocean break wont break your neck on this beach so kids and dogs can play in the water if they are brave enough to tackle the cold.

Friends took over multiple campsites and had a good old fashion crab feed in the rain. Mother Nature was kind enough to make the days dry and the nights a sailor’s nightmare. The foghorn tooting every five seconds grew tiresome but eventually one fails to hear it any longer. Regardless, my rain boots and I had a great time getting out of town for some post-Thanksgiving camping.