Gold Country – Calaveras Jumping Frog Jubilee

I’ve lived my whole life in this area and always heard of Mark Twain’s famous Jumping Frog Jubilee.  I finally put it on the calendar and made a point of going.  I needed to see those silly frogs jump at the famous Calaveras Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angel’s Camp, California!

It turns out it was great fun to watch the kids “jockey” the frogs.  Some were creeped out and others fearlessly kissed their frog and sent it on its way.  Some jumped and bounced making me fear for the frogs life.  (Thankfully none were squashed/harmed while I was watching.)

The adults weren’t as much fun to watch as the kids but the length the frogs were jumping was far more impressive.  (Upwards towards 18 feet was the maximum I witnessed.)  The 30 year old record was made by Rosie the Ribiter at 21 feet 5 3/4 inches!  Other clever frog names include: Froggy Balboa, Joe Frogtana, and Hillary Croakin.

Small town festivals are a lot of fun.  I challenge you to tell me about a small town festival with a more interesting theme that jumping frog challenges!  🙂


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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

A Jubilee must qualify as “Jubilant” for the Daily Post, right?

Sacramento Train Museum in Old Sacramento – Train Nerds Rejoice

A young friend of mine expressed some interest in learning photography recently.  I was going to take her to my backyard and teach her some basics about her camera.  But, instead, another random opportunity presented itself.  Mike’s Camera Shop in downtown Sacramento hosted a free photography meetup at the Sacramento Train Museum.  I couldn’t think of a less interesting place to take a 12 year old girl so we headed out with promises that it would be a great place to practice her skills.  It turned out we both had a blast taking photos of “creepy manikins”, welds, train wheels, cattle guards, old luggage, and to be honest things I don’t even know the name of.  I considered it a success because my young friend took hundreds of photos and never got tired of looking at the details of cool old trains.  She left boasting terms like depth of field, manual focus, and shutter speed.  A highlight for me was watching her lay on the floor in order to get a cool shot with a “fuzzy background” as she called it.  (Good photographers always get on the ground in my book!)  We rewarded ourselves with an ice cream cone and a walk through Old Sacramento!

Train nerds rejoice.  (You know who you are.)  I took far more photos of train details than I care to admit.  I hope you enjoy!

I consider this to be an “odd” subject to photograph so I am happy to submit the post to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge!

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Ireland Edition

Odd ball items can be found anywhere.  But, here is a collection of photos I don’t think I have shared yet.  Check out the off ball side of Ireland for Cee’s photo challenge!


Random Donkey Carving in Antrim


Guinness in Baby Bottles Sign


Jail art seen through a cell door at Kilmainham Gaol


More Irish Donkeys


Waterless Boats in Galway


Large Building full of “stuffed” animals.  This deer lived a long time ago and was massive!


Animal Graveyard at Powerscourt Gardens


Animal Graveyard at Powerscourt Gardens


Strange Stones at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland


Guinness Street Art in Dublin


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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

I am still sifting through photos from my recent trip to Ireland.  Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge presented a fine time to bring out and highlight the attached photo.  Kylemore Abbey is a jewel of Ireland.  The abbey and grounds are nothing short of spectacular.  One can explore the abbey, walled gardens, and mountain and lake hikes.  Beyond the small church on the grounds is this odd ball sculpture.  It is said that one must stand in the palm of the hand and throw a rock backwards.  If the rock makes it beyond a large boulder then the thrower will benefit from good luck!  I feel like I have good luck from just seeing this strange hand fighting its way from the earth.  Can you imagine stumbling upon this alone in the dark?  I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do.