San Francisco Zoo

I finally made it to the San Francisco Zoo.  Have you ever tried to go somewhere and wind up starting to go half a dozen times before it actually works out?  I have even driven here a few times and couldn’t park or it was closed etc.  Well, we finally made it, and the weather was fine.  It was a lovely day to visit the famous beachside zoo and botanical garden.  Many of the animals were doing what they do best and what I wish I was doing, napping.  Some of the enclosures were smaller, darker, and more older fashioned than I would have expected at a zoo this large and famous and frequently visited.  But, toddler temper tantrums aside it was a lovely visit with the highlights being the hippo, the giraffes, the penguins, the koalas (thinking of their friends down under), and the gardens.

*My son would like to note his favorite part was the bubbles and the garbage cans.  So, there you have it, a solid three year old review of the Zoo.

Sacramento Zoo

Well, everyone.  It was inevitable I would finally take a few photos at my local Sacramento Zoo.  I spent a few hours checking out my childhood zoo and snapping a few photos recently.  Sadly, a lot of the animals are in enclosures that made it difficult to photograph without getting cages in the photos but I hope you enjoy the animal energy despite occasional cage sighting.

I have visited the San Diego Zoo, the Belize Zoo, the Safari West Zoo in Sonoma, California, and the Phoenix Zoo  since starting my blog.  Check out those links if you never saw them or would like to revisit them again.  Some of the animal shots are my favorites of all time and I love to share them whenever I get the chance.

Do you have a great Zoo near you that I need to visit?