Sacramento Zoo

Well, everyone.  It was inevitable I would finally take a few photos at my local Sacramento Zoo.  I spent a few hours checking out my childhood zoo and snapping a few photos recently.  Sadly, a lot of the animals are in enclosures that made it difficult to photograph without getting cages in the photos but I hope you enjoy the animal energy despite occasional cage sighting.

I have visited the San Diego Zoo, the Belize Zoo, the Safari West Zoo in Sonoma, California, and the Phoenix Zoo  since starting my blog.  Check out those links if you never saw them or would like to revisit them again.  Some of the animal shots are my favorites of all time and I love to share them whenever I get the chance.

Do you have a great Zoo near you that I need to visit?

43 thoughts on “Sacramento Zoo

    • Good question. This time I think I only added a smidge of warmth to the lion. The rest are as shot. I got lucky. Although I do try really hard to get them as close to right when I shoot as possible so I don’t have to do too much editing. It seems my life can float away when I am editing. I look down and four hours will be lost…I know you know what I mean. Thanks for the comment. PS. Sometime I fool around with white balance and put the Nikon on the cloudy white balance setting even when it is sunny. Oftentimes this will give the colors a warmer feel.


  1. Great photos! I love the two owl pictures, and the red river hog as well. And somehow your flamingoes are much pinker over there! If you didn’t see it last time you were here, Dublin zoo is great… They’ve been expanding the size of a lot of the enclosures over the past 10 years. And we recently got an okapi, which was pretty exciting!

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    • I have never made it to the zoo there and would love to. I guess every time I have been I have always been so busy seeing all the local sites the Zoo has never been high on my list. I am sure I will be to Ireland over and over again in the future and I will go see it someday! I have also never made it to the gardens there near Phoenix park. I would also love to go there on a nice summer day.

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  2. I didn’t know they had a zoo in Sacramento ! What is your favourite zoo ? I really enjoyed the one in Singapore because they animals were in massive enclosures (a bit like they would be in the wild) and it wasn’t as sad as in other places where they can barely move 🙂

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    • It seems that is the way for the wee ones. He will become more interested in the animals in another few years. Funny you should mention that because I went to the zoo mentioned in this post with my best friend and her 10 year old and three year old. The three year old only wanted to climb in the enclosures despite the fact the animals would eat him for lunch. He loved running around and playing and climbing more than the animals too. However, his older brother was much more interested in the animals.

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  3. If you are in the Philippines, I would recommend the Manila Zoo–which is just less than an hour drive from the NAIA.

    I love nature and I also heart animals. Seeing them that peaceful in each photo is a comforting feeling.

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  5. Despite the “bars”, hardly visible, you have managed to produce pictures with an amazing light. Some would do well enlarged (a lot) and pasted on brilliant support. I’m sure you’ve seen what I mean in some photo galleries. Compliments. 🙂

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