Phoenix Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium

While visiting family in Phoenix we decided to feed our mutual love of animals by visiting Phoenix’s Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium. I have to be honest…I was wondering how it was possible to have a zoo in the intolerable Phoenix heat. (Thankfully it was a perfect 88 degrees during my fall visit.) Well, it turns out the park was built on an old piece of agricultural property with TONS of mature trees and lots of luxurious shade.

Highlights for me were watching people feed the giraffes, eating next to the shark tank, petting a manta ray, colorful poison frogs, black panthers, penguins, turtles, white tigers, a sloth, and hundreds of lovely birds.

I never grow tired of admiring exotic animals who seem well cared for. It’s a wonderful way to visit with family who I don’t get to see often enough.

So here’s to family homecomings shared with furry friends!

Please excuse the lack of fancy good camera photos. These are a few fun photos taken with my iPhone.


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