Drombeg Stone Circle – Kinsale Ireland

In celebration of Halloween I thought I would post a few photos of the Drombeg Stone Circle taken near Kinsale in Ireland. This stone circle was a magnificent example located in a gorgeous area overlooking the sea and lovely farms. Its hard not to feel something otherworldly when visiting these locations or even when looking at them in a photograph.  No one really knows what they were or are used for. There is much speculation about religious centers, time travel, ceremonial altars, etc and one can come to their own conclusions.  Drombeg itself is oriented in the direction of the setting sun during the midwinter solstice. Most of these circles are pre-christian era in their design. It makes me wonder how the engineering and their creation was so precise so early on.

Having visited countless numbers of these circles in Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, and France I can attest to the sense of energy at each one.  Whether this sense is real or imagined I find myself searching them out on the map everywhere I go never tiring of visiting a new one.

Happy Halloween readers.





3 thoughts on “Drombeg Stone Circle – Kinsale Ireland

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