Kinsale and Southern Ireland Sunshine

Bob Ross used to speak of “happy accidents”.  When planning a trip to Ireland a few years back my brother suggested visiting Kinsale because a co-worker of his thought it was the best part of Ireland.  The idea of trying a new city appealed to me so we set off.  Kinsale is located in far Southern Ireland due south of Cork City.  It is nestled in a beautiful bay with the tiny village built directly on the water.  Kinsale is an idyllic Irish village full of energy, food, bars, music, and life.  I enjoyed the city so much I made sure to take my parents to the city on our recent trip.  When we arrived we joined a local Farmers market, visited some antique stores, walked to the castle, enjoyed some ice cream, and walked around the marina.  All things that are done on a perfect day in the perfect place…

Nearby Charles Fort is a lovely way to soak up the Southern Ireland sun with a view of the Old Head and Kinsale Village.  Guides are helpful in describing the history of the Fort and even Titanic history as this was its last stop before meeting the famed Iceberg.

Kinsale is a splendid place to spend several days and make day trips around the region.  The roads in and around Kinsale are not for the faint of heart but are arguably some of the most beautiful vistas and scenery in all of Ireland.  Take the southern road both East and West or head north to Cork and Blarney.  I would highly recommend visiting Drombeg Circle and even a day trip to Clonikilty.

I am grateful to my brother’s un-named friend for introducing me to a region of Ireland that has proven to be one of my favorites.  Has anyone else gotten a random tip that turned out to be a really happy accident?



Would you paint your house this color?


The harbor is so breathtaking on a clear bright day like this


The photo does not even remotely do justice to how beautiful this village is.

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Irish Kitchen Painting Challenge – Which do you prefer?

As has been obvious in my recent blogging I visited Ireland this summer with my parents and brother and his family.  My husband was unable to join us.  He did, however, send me to Ireland with a challenge.  We currently have a simple little painting in our kitchen that depicts a cafe scene somewhere in make-believe Italy.  He asked me to take a photo of a cafe or restaurant or bar in Ireland that could be put on canvas and replace the generic Italy scene we have now.  Tell me your thoughts!?  So far he can’t decide.  I know which one I like but I am looking for outside opinions…which photo would you like to stare at every morning making coffee or every night cooking up a meal?


Charming bar scene in Kinsale?


Silly happy little bar in Dublin?


Brightly colored bar, strangely enough named after my brother, in Adare?


Bright Guinness mural from Tralee?

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Drombeg Stone Circle – Kinsale Ireland

In celebration of Halloween I thought I would post a few photos of the Drombeg Stone Circle taken near Kinsale in Ireland. This stone circle was a magnificent example located in a gorgeous area overlooking the sea and lovely farms. Its hard not to feel something otherworldly when visiting these locations or even when looking at them in a photograph.  No one really knows what they were or are used for. There is much speculation about religious centers, time travel, ceremonial altars, etc and one can come to their own conclusions.  Drombeg itself is oriented in the direction of the setting sun during the midwinter solstice. Most of these circles are pre-christian era in their design. It makes me wonder how the engineering and their creation was so precise so early on.

Having visited countless numbers of these circles in Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, and France I can attest to the sense of energy at each one.  Whether this sense is real or imagined I find myself searching them out on the map everywhere I go never tiring of visiting a new one.

Happy Halloween readers.