Brownshill Dolmen – County Carlow Ireland

There are many things that make visiting the Celtic world interesting.  Dolmen, Burial Mounds, and Stone Circles are certainly some of them.  Fascinating, powerful, energetic, mystical, and unknown.  Archaeologists have spent countless hours digging, researching, taking historical accounts, but we will never truly know what they are about.  And, that is what makes it so interesting…the not knowing.

Brownshill Dolmen is considered a portal tomb.  While that, of course, is unusual and fascinating the true interest with this tomb is its size.  In the photos where people are present you can see how massive it is.  It is one of the largest in the Celtic world.  One must have been able to see this dolmen for miles when walking to it for ceremonial purposes.  But this begs the question…how did they build it?  The rear stone is a giant bolder.  Without modern tools like a trackter or crane it is nearly impossible to behold moving this stone not the mention the smaller yet still large ones that are holding the stone up.  Archaeologists believe it was levered up in small bits then filled with dirt while the larger stones were placed below it.  Then the dirt was removed to leave the large bolder elevated by the smaller stones.  Whatever the method the outcome is spectacular and is a must see if visiting County Carlow Ireland.

DSC_6954 DSC_6965





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