Irish Peat & Bog Men – Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

As part of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge for this week I am taking the opportunity to show you what Irish Peat or turf from their bogs looks like.  I took these photos at the Hill View House Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast in Tulla, County Clare Ireland.  The owners of the Farmhouse enjoyed spending the day with their neighbors and their children cutting peat which is decayed organic matter used to fuel fires.  She mentioned that originally it was done out of necessity due to the expense of gas and wood to heat their home.  But, now she says they do it for community and to teach their children of their history.  I hope this Irish Peat/Turf will warm your in box on a hot California afternoon.


Irish Peat/Turf


Irish Peat/Turf

At the Irish Museum of Archaeology in Dublin visitors can view Bog men that have been recovered from various Peat Bog locations throughout Ireland.  They are remarkably maintained considering their age, 400-200 BC due to the natural mummification process culminating from a lack of oxygen and a combination of specific chemicals found in the bogs.  The bog people are in various states of condition considering how they were found with heavy equipment or by hand in the bogs.


Clonycavan Man


Old Croghan Man


To read more about my shenanigans in Ireland please click here…

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