Dublin’s Temple Bar – Not for everyone

All of the buses stop here.  All Dublin roads lead here.  Every guide book tells you it is a must see.  It seems even the river Liffey flanks it attempting to keep you from leaving easily if you try.  Every young person makes plans to meet here late at night.  The history of the place is palpable.

Prepare for blasphemy here.

I don’t really like Temple Bar.  It pains me to say it because I love everything about Dublin and Ireland in general.  I love the energy and the color and the music of the Temple Bar district.  (There is live music here every night in most of the pubs.)  But, I can’t stand the crowds and I don’t like the mood of the people after dark.  If your wallet is going to get lifted it will be here.  If you are looking to get in to a fight with some drunk American college students this is your place.  I much prefer the dark pubs with local people to talk and laugh with, great hot food, traditional live music where you can actually hear it, and bars where I can actually order a pint without getting elbowed by a co-ed on their 18th birthday drinking for the first time.

I’m sorry Dublin. I am glad it is a tourist draw and I want people to keep coming and I want them to spend all their money in your city.  Maybe I am just getting old… Slante.


THE Temple Bar both a bar and a district. The place to come and have fun and drink and get crazy. Or the place to avoid if you want the real Ireland.


With energy and drinking in Dublin comes live music on the street everywhere one walks…

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55 thoughts on “Dublin’s Temple Bar – Not for everyone

  1. Have not been to Ireland Jenny, but I totally relate where you are coming from. Your word pictures such as “mood of the people” speak volumes. So important to listen to your gut instincts (and you will also still have your wallet) in the end.

    Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy dropping in! 🙂


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  2. Very nicely written, I like your style. Those first lines draw you right in. Photos are pretty cool also. I’ve never been to Dublin, keep meaning to go, never quite get there. Amsterdam…now, there’s a different story.

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  3. I’m with you, Jenny. I used to travel to Dublin on business from London, and I realized the same thing you did. I prefer “pubs with local people to talk and laugh with, great hot food, traditional live music where you can actually hear it.” Dublin is a grand place and I’m enjoying your tales. 🙂 ~Terri

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  4. Agreed. When I went to Temple Bar last year, I visited in the late afternoon, by that time there was still some sitting space and live music was being played. That’s the best time to visit I think, after half five your better off finding some place else

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    • Great point to visit earlier. It is certainly more easy to walk through. I was there a little earlier this time and it had t gotten too crazy yet.

      Thanks for the follow and for the comments. I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

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