Where were you on September 11th, 2001?

In honor of Patriot’s Day on September 11th I thought I might reblog a post I did this time last year. May we all be above the politics for the day and remember those who were killed, those who were heroes that day, and those who fought and were lost afterwards. Cheers, Jenny

Bulldog Travels / Photos By Jenny

It seems at one time in our history everyone could tell you where they were when President Kennedy was shot. Well, presently most all of us can tell you where they were when 9/11 happened.

My experience was unforgettable and enlightening. My friend Manuela and I were traveling from her home in Stuttgart, Germany through Switzerland and into Italy. We had spent the day in Monaco visiting their lovely castle, harbor, and casino daydreaming about being rich and famous. We took the train there from Italy and being the end of the day we were heading back. Near the train station we walked by a small television store where a small crowd had gathered. President Bush’s face was plastered on the front of every television in the window. One sees a President’s face on television on a daily basis but there was something strange in his expression and that of…

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13 thoughts on “Where were you on September 11th, 2001?

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, it really gave a different perspective. I was in middle school at the time, and therefore didn’t understand the full implications of what was happening. We did watch the live news coverage at school but were sent home for the day soon after.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Millions of similar stories occurred that day and the following I imagine.
    I do remember clearly where I was on sept.11. In Mexico, just driving out from my house to my office. My business partner called me on the cell. She said “the world center is under attack” “What?” “Get to to a TV”. I rushed to the office. My executives had already installed a TV with a makeshift antenna. They were replaying the first plane crash over and over, when the second plane hit the second tower. We were all in shock. I e-mailed a few friends in the US, knowing the lines would be cramped. A terrible day.
    I also remember the day Kennedy was shot. My parents came back early from a party at the American Embassy, time difference allowing in the small African country we lived. Party was cancelled when the news reached the ambassador. I also remember that all the women from the American Embassy started to dress in black the following week. Ask your parents, I’m sure they remember where they were.
    Thank you, merci, for sharing your story.

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  3. Sadly, I was tending my husband at home during his last week of life. Since we were in the process of moving to Mexico when we discovered he had only a few months to live, we’d already had our TV service cut off. As it turned out, he had only three weeks to live. When the hospice workers came, they told us about the twin towers bombing–the first we’d heard of it. They asked to turn on the radio, since their boss had a son whose office was in one of the towers; but very soon, my husband requested that we turn it off. His own situation was about all we could bear. So, as the nation mourned, so did we, for a very private reason. I never did see the films of the planes flying into the towers until a year or two ago when I stumbled upon it in YouTube. I am perhaps one of the few who was not caught up in that drama, but sometimes it is all you can do to deal with your own pain.

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