Poulnabrone Dolmen – The Burren County Clare, Ireland

The Burren is an unusual and vast landscape on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare.  At first blush it looks like a green and grey desert with nothing to be seen.  But, like most things, when you look closer you see detail and creativity only mother nature could concoct.  The Burren is primarily cracked limestone whose deeps cracks collect water and are filled with nutrient rich soil which wildflowers and grasses flourish in. The Burren National Park has been created to assist in protecting its multiple dolmens, stone circles/ring forts, caves, and megalithic tombs.

Some time between 4200-2900 BC Neolithic people created the masterpiece Poulnabrone Dolmen.  Dolmens dot the landscape in Ireland but this one is special primarily due to its size subverting the vastness that is the Burren. It is about twelve feet long and about six feet tall.  It is made of stone that is the same color as its surroundings so one could pass right by it without noticing it.  The remains of multiple people have been excavated from beneath the tomb which is typical of them throughout the country.




A closeup of the stone


Meet my nephew Michael enjoying the rain in the way only a kid can!

If you would like this dolmen check out another post on the dramatically large Brownshill Dolmen by clicking here!

30 thoughts on “Poulnabrone Dolmen – The Burren County Clare, Ireland

  1. Nice post Jenny. Typical Irish weather. 🙂
    The word Dolmen that you use is yet another example of the closeness of bretons and Irish.
    Dol-men in Breton means “pierre couchée”, sthg like like laid down stone, horizontal stone And it is the same word apparently in Gaelic: dolmen. Now Men-hir in breton means up-right stone. Those huge stones stuck vertically in the ground. 🙂 (Incidentally one may conclude that stone is called “Men” in both Breton and Gaelic.)
    (I love this stuff. How words travels hundreds or thousands of miles, and remain alive for thousands of years, which I think is how old Gaelic and Breton are)
    Enough rambling: have a lovely week-end.

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  2. Ireland…I must go there some day. I kept putting it off because I wanted to see the third world. But this is the ancient world, and lovely, eh? I have seen dolmans like this (shorter) and stone circles in England…probably some of the same people doing some of the same things…but just what exactly. I’d like to take a time machine back about 4000 years.

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    • Its a strange and wild and beautiful place. I wasn’t sure about it the first time I went and then I started looking in to the details and found the beauty. It is so gray compared to the millions of colors of green everywhere else in ireland. That’s what through me off. 🙂


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