Ashford Castle – Cong Ireland

Ashford Castle is a glorious 17th century castle, hotel, garden and golf course worthy of Downton Abby.  My brother and I first visited this location in 1999 on our first trip and we were really taken by it.  We didn’t have enough money to stay there and still don’t but we love to visit.  Located on the outskirts of the Quiet Man village of Cong, Ashford castle is for the rich and famous.  Once owned by the Guinness family this updated medieval castle sits on the lovely Lough Corrib next to a pretty wooded golf course. Visitors can walk the grounds and visit the gardens and even take boat tours.  However, they are no longer allowed inside of the castle without a reservation.  (Boo!)

The adjacent town of Cong is possibly one of the most charming small towns in Ireland.  Cong and Ashford sit on the cusp of Connemara, Ireland’s nature wonderland.  This area is worthy of a visit to bask in the thousands of shades of green available to you. Rest, relax, and renew and have your photo taken with the statue of Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne while you are there.



If I ever redesign my back yard I would like it to look like this…


Keeping guard over the castle.


Official family selfie at Ashford Castle. Say hello to the Collins clan.





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PS.  Rest in peace Maureen O’Hara.  I wrote and scheduled this post prior to her passing.  What a lovely Irish movie legend…

65 thoughts on “Ashford Castle – Cong Ireland

    • It is really nice. The grounds are the best part anyway. I keep saying I’ll stay there someday but then never feel like spending the money. Either way it’s worth a visit. You can play golf, go horseback riding and even learn falconry without staying overnight. But the walk to the grounds from Cong town is perfect.

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    • Congrats to her. That would be very romantic getting engaged in Ireland. You will have to tell me where her man proposed. I am glad you are liking the castles and abbeys and big houses. I hope it isn’t overkill because there are so many but people seem to still be enjoying them!

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  1. Those are amazing pictures!!! You are VERY intriguing to read!! I love that!! I also have my own site, and I am not seceding very well. 😦 But, there is nothing that I can really do!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I LOVE your blog!!!!

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