Fall in Sacramento means visiting Apple Hill

Apple Hill is an institution in Northern California.  My relatives are from the area so I went to Apple Hill religiously growing up.  So, as soon as the weather starts to turn, my mind immediately goes to a visit to Apple Hill for Apple Donuts and Apple Cider.

Situated in the Sierra Foothills near Placerville, California Apple Hill started as a place perfectly situated to grow apples.  Well, most apple farms create small bake shops to cater to the people coming up for boxes of apples.  Like most things these days it has now blossomed in to more.  (Wineries, breweries, fishing holes, xmas trees, pumpkin patches, and more.)

While things keep changing one things remains the same.  Folks, may I introduce you to the one the only, Apple Donut.  Enjoy warm fresh out of the oven or cool on your day drive to leaf peep.  Whatever your preference ensure you stop in for a spell.

Is it just me or is this an insane amount of donuts?

Caramel apple anyone?

Pretty aren’t they?


This cracks me up to think about.  But, I actually have two previous posts about donuts.  Click here to see posts on Voodoo Donut in Portland and Maui Donuts!  I’m going on a diet!

35 thoughts on “Fall in Sacramento means visiting Apple Hill

  1. I’ve never thought about apples as creating a destination location even though I grew up in one. People would drive from New York city to western Connecticut to get their apples and cider. In San Diego, I would always stop in Julian to get apples on the way back from the desert.

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  2. So… Many… Doughnuts! This looks like my kinda place! Lovely to see all the boxes of apples, too – in Ireland, most of our locally-grown ones are commandeered by Bulmers to make cider (the alcoholic kind) so pretty much all our eating apples are imported!

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