Blackhawk Auto Museum

My husband and I have been working opposite shifts now for a while.  So, on the weekends we have been trying to take some day trips to spend good quality time together.  Last weekend we went leaf peeping through the El Dorado, Alpine, and Calavaras National Forests.  (Photos came out lame on the iPhone hence the lack of posting, sorry.)  The weekend before we spent more time in the Quincy area west of the Lake Tahoe region.  This weekend was his turn to pick the location.  So we set off for the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, California in the “East Bay.”

The East Bay holds a special place in my heart because I got my Master’s Degree at quaint Saint Mary’s College in beautiful Moraga, California.  It also just happens to be a spectacularly pretty area of the world especially with the leaves turning.  (For those of you on the east coast our leaves are just now turning.)

I digress on multiple levels.

My husband is an obsessive “car guy.”  Most girls turn up their noses at the thought of going to car museums.  I however, really enjoy them.  My first car as a kid was a 1965 Mustang and my family growing up has owned an embarrassingly large number of old and interesting cars.  (My husband and I bought our current house based on the number of garage spaces…or at least that’s what my husband will tell you.)  This love of cars coupled with the opportunity to snap some photos of something interesting situated in museum lighting always makes me happy.

The Blackhawk had a reasonably small collection many being concept cars or highly unusual.  If you haven’t already noticed I can’t just take a photo of a car.  I have to try and shoot for interesting angles or details.  I hope you enjoy them.

* I have had the pleasure of visiting a few awesome car museums and have taken some pretty interesting photos.  Click here for posts on LeMans in France, Nascar museum in Charlotte, Hot August Nights in Reno, National Auto Museum in Reno, and the LeMay Car Museum in Seattle.





Pretty round lines on this car


Car built for royalty or so it would seem


Futuristic bubble roof anyone?


Not even sure what is happening with these lines but kudos to the designer to convinced someone to go with it…


An exercise in aerodynamics


The batmobile seems somewhat less interesting all of a sudden


Tell me this car isn’t winking at me? Flirty little thing.


I am often too lazy to remove my closeup lens so this is what I get…


For those Americans reading this…that is a DODGE!


Look at the curves on this beautiful thing


Love the angles


Whoever thought it would be a good idea to start making ornate hood ornaments I thank you. I never grow tired of photographing them even though I must have hundreds of them already…






It’s hard to see this paint scheme and not think of Herbie the love big. Blasphemous, I know.


Ford’s answer to European dominance.


I often think at night these cars come alive and start talking to each other like they are on the Disney cartoon Cars. Tell me this one doesn’t have a face and personality?

22 thoughts on “Blackhawk Auto Museum

  1. I’m a fan of cars, too. I really miss those round lines on cars. Now, they are all so…chopped, and angled stiff. Bring on the Cobra, the XKE! My first car…56 Chevy Bel Air coupe, V-8. I still dream about that car!


  2. So let me get this straight…it was your husbands turn, and he picked the car museum, but previously, you picked China Town, Quincey and Markleeville? Hmmm….;) Sounds like you two are having lots of weekend fun! What’s next, Mendocino?

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