28 thoughts on “Arch of Labna – Yucatan Peninsula – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Fascinating structure, I’ve never seen anything like it. The arch is such an unusual shape. And I’ve seen those patterns in the paintings and fabric but never masonry. Is this typical for the region?


    • The pattern is somewhat typical for the region but not as typical as others. (Ya know, because I am such an expert.) 😉 What isn’t terribly typical is the fact there is an arch at all. I definitely saw some others, even finding them along the Mayan roadways but none as stunning as this one. There were some pretty arches at Uxmal. But Labna was different and smaller in scale.

      The architecture is pretty over-the-top in some places with Chac heads and noses all over the place. It is unusual and entertaining always.

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  2. This is a Mayan structure I rarely see on the internet — well, I’m not that familiar with Mayan ancient heritage anyway, save the most popular ones. Fascinating! There must be a lot of structures still buried or hidden in the jungle. A few days ago I read an article about an ancient site in India which had hidden from plain sight for centuries because it was submerged in a river. Somehow this time the water level is so low it reveals what was hidden all this time.

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    • Ha, thanks! Isn’t it? I always picture some high fashion model shoot happening in front of it. It is really out of this world. I just love the shape and color.

      Thanks for the comment! You are welcome anytime.


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