Springtime in Napa – Stirling Vineyards

Flowers and Trees were growing and blooming everywhere we went in Napa last week.  The colors were amazing.  It seems like every direction we looked there was something beautiful to photograph.  We drove by Stirling Vineyards which is the vineyard with a tram/gondola that takes you to its hilltop tasting room with dramatic vistas.  It wasn’t the tram we were interested in this time.  We were taken by its tree lined driveway and overgrown but blooming fields.  It’s times like this I wonder why I don’t live in Napa…

Do you have a favorite Napa winery to visit?

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27 thoughts on “Springtime in Napa – Stirling Vineyards

    • Ha, no kidding. I have met a few I didn’t like. The wine has been terrible and overpriced at a few and some of the grounds are boring. But, overwhelmingly the wine is good and the grounds are pretty. I think my goal for next time will be to choose some wineries up on a hill with a view. There are so many I noticed as I was driving around.


    • Thanks! It was one of those spots where we had to pull over. There was no option not to. I had to be patient while cars drove through though. And I had to try and compose it to not include some ugly signs.


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