Springtime in Napa – Hall Winery

Hall Winery Napa – When art and architecture overshadow the wine.


On our way to Castello di Amorosa we couldn’t help but notice the giant shining bunny at Hall winery.  We.Could.Not.Pass.Up.The.Bunny.  What we didn’t expect was a dozen other magnificent pieces of art set in a uber comfortable setting meant for guests to savor the wine, the weather, and the scenery.  If only we had more time to stop at the hundreds of wineries in the area…

What’s your favorite part of Napa?  Favorite wine or winery?

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33 thoughts on “Springtime in Napa – Hall Winery

  1. All great photos…love the rabbit, who wouldn’t stop in there? Look for a hole to run down into! I used to “want” to like wine, to cultivate a taste for it, but I just never liked the stuff that much. But I did like some from Robert Mondavi back in the day of trying things out.

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