Paris -Doors part Trois

I hope you enjoy a nice mix of interesting doors from Paris.  Doors that go nowhere, covered passage doors, old doors, and door knockers.  Enjoy.


How cool is this door? It was actually part of a building at once time which has long since been torn down. The French people chose to keep the door. It is just standing there all by itself. I LOVE that.


Surely door knockers can be considered?


Oldest building in Paris.


Covered Passage in Paris


Check out some of my previous doors from France and all over the world by clicking here.

Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

43 thoughts on “Paris -Doors part Trois

  1. I love that door knocker (love the turquoise) but the first door (the featured one) is one of the most curious doors I have seen in a while. The ornate past and history feel of those grand doors – with the graffiti and wear and tear…. oh wow.

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