Paris – Doors Part Cinq

This will be the last set of Parisian doors for this trip.  I hope you have enjoyed the doors I have chosen to share on this Thursday Door tour through Paris.  They are a beautiful source of inspiration and happiness for me.  And many thanks to Norm for his challenge which provides me an excuse to share them with you.


The wisteria was just beginning to bloom while we were in Paris which attracted me to all sorts of gates.  If only it had been this lovely in Giverny…


Imagine the history this door has seen.


I love this worn knocker.


Something like this would be blight where I live but it is living art and not to be messed with elsewhere in the world. Doors like this keep me traveling.

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Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

24 thoughts on “Paris – Doors Part Cinq

  1. The wisteria is beautiful. The peeling paint would be one of those projects driving me nuts on my “to-do” list and you have made it into art. The door wouldn’t have as much character without it.

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