Muir Beach, California

My parents used to take us to Stinson Beach as kids.  I haven’t been back in some time.  Who knows why.  Do you ever remember something from childhood and want to see it again to see if your memory is correct or not or to see what may have changed?  Well, I stopped by Muir Beach on the way to Stinson with my son and it turns out it is nothing like I remember.  Either that or it has changed so much I don’t recognize it.

Regardless Muir Beach, situated just north of San Francisco outside of Larkspur and Mill Valley, was spectacular and my son had a blast playing in the sand.  He certainly thrives on the beach as do many of us.

California’s beaches are typically very cold and windy year round in the north part of the state opposite of what many people think.  But, that didn’t stop the surfers in their dry suits who make me cold just looking at them.  We ended up spending the better part of a morning at this beach because my son didn’t want to leave.  Who can argue with that?



Beautiful sea view and beautiful view of my happy baby digging in the sand.

13 thoughts on “Muir Beach, California

  1. Give a youngster a shovel and turn him (or her) loose. They can be lost for hours. I first visited Stinson beach when I was a student at Berkeley way back when and have been back several times since. I pretty much find anywhere along Highway 1 a treat! 🙂 –Curt

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  2. I like that little C. can go “back” to where you played as a kid, even if childhood memories can be destroyed by the way things are now… (reason why I will never go back to the “magic house” by the sea in West Africa…
    Thanks for the post Jenny. 🙏🏻

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