Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park, Fort Bragg California

Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park was a lovely surprise.  I took the family to the Fort Bragg/Mendocino area for the beaches.  The first few days we were there the wind was so bad we were being legitimately sand blasted on the beach so we decided to take refuge inland a bit on some short hikes.  None of us had ever visited or heard of this little park but we were all pleasantly surprised.  We found gorgeous lighting amid the banana slugs, salamanders, fish, bugs, dog walkers, and mushrooms.  Enjoy a few photos from this unknown gem.

24 thoughts on “Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park, Fort Bragg California

    • Well, hard to say. The sign didn’t look new and a few bridges looked like they had been there a while. It just appears not well advertised. And understandably people go there for the beach. But, our happy accident in finding it proved fruitful what with all of the interesting things we found – mushrooms, lizards, three kinds of salamander, fish, birds, wildflowers, etc. It’s by no means epic but it was a nice little quiet place to explore particularly if you are already in town with nothing better to do.


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