Wide Open Walls 916 – California Poppy

Nothing is more iconic to California than the Poppy. This cheerful spring icon is plastered on a local hotel and I love it. Many of the murals which are part of the Wide Open Walls 916 festival are dark, funny, political, unusual, etc. But, sometimes just a cheerful bright and iconic mural is just what the doctor ordered.

14 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – California Poppy

    • That’s wonderful. They are all over the place here which is fun. And I’ve photographed them going up and down mountains like a blanket of orange which is amazing! Makes me ready for spring but sadly winter is making its way.


  1. Are poppies common in California? How nice? I love them (coquelicots), they spread everywhere in the wheat fields of Normandy where we spent the summer… (Couldn’t find the emoji)
    They’re almost all gone now, because of pesticides…

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