Wide Open Walls 916 – Dragonflies and Coffee

Old Soul Coffee in downtown Sacramento is participating in the Wide Open Walls 916 festival along with many downtown businesses. Lots of cars and signs were obscuring the wall so I took a few closeups of dragonflies which were my three year old son’s favorites. (He loves bugs right now much to his mother’s chagrin.) Put down your fly swatters these dragonflies are here to stay.

8 thoughts on “Wide Open Walls 916 – Dragonflies and Coffee

  1. From flowers to bugs 🐛 ? Hmmm. He’ll get over it. Maybe?
    Parked cars are so annoying. Good shots though.
    I’ve always marveled at the immense distance between the English word (dragonfly) and the French: Libellule… Wonder where our word comes from. Latin probably.
    Such a pretty “bug”. Don’t touch them though. Some sting.

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